With a few dollars and a dream 365 Records was born. Destined for greatness Greg along with long time friend Fade decided to merge their talents together, with the skills they both possessed, the label was born.

     Greg Baas, CEO, headlined as artist Krupt Malvo decided to change his life around from all types of negativity to all positive. At an early age, Greg started rapping only to find out that he had a talent not only for music, but for writing as well. Born in North Philly and moved out at an early age to escape the hard times, and harder times to come. His family moved to a little town about 200 miles west of Philly only to return many times. With both city and country influences Greg has turned his life into a positive one, influencing others to do the same. With many ventures ahead, of signing new artists, helping others, and a clothing line, Greg promises that 365 Records will be successful, with the release of his debut album/mixtape.

     People from around the world have heard his music and show a lot of support. With the help of several friends and internet access, the album/mixtape was a success and a good start for Greg as an artist, and production by Fade for the label.




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