Krupt Malvo released his first album "The Jumpoff" in March of 2005. He had guest appearances from J-Murda(High Records) on "Sunshine" and "Ridin' On Dem Thangs Remix", Hawk and J-Mo(C-quential Records) on the "In Due Time Remix", Mr. E(Emesgees Records) was on "Sunshine", and label mate Kamikaze collaborated on the "2 in the Front Remix".

     Krupt Malvo first got into the hip hop scene by writing poetry as a teenager. He later teamed up with his cousin that made music for Malvo to put his poetry to.

     Malvo gets his influences from Tupac, Joe Budden, and Stack Bundles. When asked why each of these artists he states," Tupac, for his constant drive to be heard. Joe Budden for talking about what the music industry doesn’t want you to hear. Stack Bundles for being a honest man to his city, and tryin to make something of himself.

      When asked what his songs are about he says, "Life in general, for anyone who comes out of the hood, or grew up a little on the rough side. I also show you that there is light at the end of the music seems to grow along with me."

      While listening to the songs on Malvo's "The Jumpoff Vol. 1" you get a feel of this. "Untouchable" speaks of himself passing and coming back to rise above. Then on "Last Forever" he speaks on having a one night stand. On "In Due Time", he tells of a relationship that has gone wrong, but there's still room in his heart for the other person.

       Throughout each song on the album Malvo changes his "flow". With such diversity it's hard for him to not have a place in hip hop. While Malvo may still be growing as an artist, when he finds his niche he'll be able to work with a variety of artists. His fan base at the moment consists of 14 year olds to the mid 50's. While asked about getting recognition in the area he lives in he states, "A TRUE artist can be recognized from his talents not from what genre of music he or she they are a part of.. the sayin 'Real recognize real' applies here."

      Malvo's work ethic stands out above the rest. He's a perfectionist, so when something sounds OK then he's still got work to do.

       Malvo is currently working on his second album. Release date is yet to be determined. Keep your ears open for when his sophomore album drops.


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