Currently working on their first album while in Iraq. A.I., Slim, T.C. a.k.a. Scar, and Psycho. This group contains two members from N.Y. while the other two rep S.C. With the variety of things that each member of the group has gone through they will have something that will appeal to everyone.

      They pulled from a variety of beat makers including one of their own members.

     "NY To SC" features Krupt Malvo. The hook for this song makes you think these guys have been doing this for years.  The flow from each person on this song varies and makes it even so unique. Then process of the song slowly builds to the last verse when Psycho explodes on the track.

     The song "Fallen Soldiers" is a dedication to all the soldiers that have passed away. The song opens up with a news clip stating "Today in Baghdad 4 soldiers were killed and 3 ciritically wounded..." The opening of this song starts to give you a small vision of the song. Then each verse of the song lets you in the minds of each member slowly. You can feel how draining the war is on each member throughout the song. They each let you know how they feel about their fellow soldiers. Then Rob's verse comes in. He sings about what's going on in Iraq. While listening to the song you hear a news real throughout the song about the war in Iraq.

     The synth filled street anthem "Makin' Enemies" has A.I. teaming up with Emerk, SR1 and Krupt Malvo. A.I. opens up the song with a portion of the hook bouncing around on top of synths. Then he breaks into his verse sharing it with Emerk. When Emerk breaks in the verse the drums and bass kick in getting you pumped up. The drums drop out right before the hook. SR1 stands strong following A.I. and Emerk. He switches his flow three times within the verse before the hook comes pounding back in. Then Krupt Malvo finishes up the verses with a full out assult, before letting the song finish up with the hook. This song can get the most mellow person pumped up.

    The cd is currently in the finishing process. Keep a close lookout for these guys. You will definitely be hearing a lot from this group.


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